Myrin New Improving Self Esteem
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Confidence Like You Have Never Experienced


Myrin New's Series: A feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities.



Myrin New - Web Developer


1. Stop Comparing Yourself to Others • especially people you never met • don’t compare yourself to less fortunate people either… (it creates a negative habit of comparing in general).    


2. Keep Your Thoughts Positive • your inner voice sucks, stop listening to it • be aware of self-deprecating thoughts • pat yourself on the back for good qualities instead • the shower is a great place to sing and meditate (focus on) on how good you really are (also known as affirmations) • you can make short lists to help with this (list out the qualities that make you feel good about yourself).    


3. Accept All Complements with – Thank You • when you get a gift, take it. Don’t turn it down. • rejecting gifts is a sign of low-self esteem. Just say Thank You!    


4. Find postive input • engage in activities that make you feel good and help you grow • watch movies or youtube clips that inspire you • read books that help you improve in some area of your life.    


5. Associate with Supportive People • avoid negative Nancy’s and doubting Thomas's (sorry Nancy & Thomas) • spend time with people who love and accept you the way you are (you sexy beast) • low self-esteem sometimes attracts us to negative people in hopes of winning them over for self validation (boo!)    


6. List Your Past Successes • I was born • I won a box of kraft dinner in grade 6 for writing a great story • I went to the gym today even though I was sick • I didn’t eat McDonalds a few weeks ago • no matter how small, write them down    


7. List Your Positive Qualities  • Honesty • Integrity (I’m never late for a movie) • I have compassion for others • I find myself hilarious (even when no one else does) • Seeing how awesome you are on paper is a bonus! • This can also help you see your strengths so you can focus on this in your career    


8. Do Good for Others • Help someone open a door • Share this post • Follow me on Twitter (@myrinnew) • haha (see I’m funny right!?)    


9. Find Your Passion • whether it’s business, volunteer work, school, etc. • know your skills and qualities and become the best at it! • passion can be found where your strengths and interests intersect with solving problems for others • pursue your interests baby. All the way! (you’ll get really good, and find solidarity and confidence in your progression)    


10. Be You – And Don’t Apologize  • stay true to your character no matter what situation comes your way • be Moral • be Kind • strive to do the right thing in any situation (even if nobody sees it) • when you have a strong moral compass, you’ll always be comfortable in your own skin.    


Don’t let fear and anxiety hold you back.    




Write these 10 tips down and post it on your bathroom mirror or on  your dog as a reminder. -practice each daily!   and please share this message if you found it helpful. CHEERS!